Technopark corp., ООО 
Тип компании:Прямой работодатель, головной офис
Дата регистрации:2001
Размер компании:1-50 сотрудников
Регион компании:Украина, Днепропетровская область, г. Днепропетровск
Адрес компании:49000, http://www.technoparkcorp.com
Отрасль компании
О компании
TechnoPark Corp. is a software development general contractor with an innovative approach to project management in virtual distributed teams. Like nowhere else, when you hire us as a general contractor you stay actively involved in every last detail of a project internal affairs. You control your business success by means of our automated instant metrics, compliant with PMBOK®, CMMI®, RUP and ISO 9001.

We work only with fixed-price projects, where Scope, Cost and Schedule are always baselined. You do not pay salaries or any other indirect costs, only a fixed price of Deliverables.

A project is organized as a virtual team of narrow-skilled engineers when you can pick-up the best suitable talents through just one contractor - us. There are 70+ professional software groups and individuals in our database who could be involved to your project.

You provide functional and non-functional requirements. We gather a project team and equip it with our proprietary online project management system. Technicians provide programming, testing, design and analysis services. Our project manager integrates all these efforts together in order to deliver a product to your end-users.
Контакты компании
Телефон: +380-67-3830440
E-Mail: Информация скрыта
Web: http://www.technoparkcorp.com
ICQ: 343487387
Преимущества работы в нашей компании
Successful selection of a reliable contractor is not a success guarantee in a particular project. Even when the contractor conducts proper project management you want to be an informed stakeholder and want to get a clear picture of project performance. Nowadays it is difficult to get such cumulative and honest picture without personal intrusion into management process, compromising and interrupting the work. On the other hand, lack or delay in such report leads to missed deadlines, cost overrun and business failure.

In our projects we implement full-scale project management and make its every last detail valuable and easy-to-understand by means of instant automated metrics. You become a real stakeholder, working together with the remote team and getting that clear picture by means of instant automated metrics. Our other advantages are:

* Unique virtual team concept
* Our contract contains no hidden costs due to the fixed-price
* Incremental delivery of product
* ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System
* Adherence to UML in software architecture and design
* Pro-active risk identification and planning
* Two-step "win-win" project quotation process
* Detailed and precise software development contract
* Unit test coverage over 75% as a rule
* Planned and plan-driven manual and system testing
* Information security processes compliant with ISO 27001
* Continuous Integration with daily builds

Our quality is constantly being improved and we are proud of our standards and rules.
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