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ETNA Software ООО
Тип компании: Прямой работодатель
Регион: Россия, Санкт-Петербург, р-н Василеостровский
Адрес компании: 199048, линия 6-я, д. 63, проходная №2, 4 этаж
Ближайшее метро: Василеостровская
Размер компании: 100-500 сотрудников
Дата основания: Июнь, 2002

Рубрики компании

Программное обеспечение - продажа, разработка

О компании

Компания “ETNA Software” - один из ведущих поставщиков услуг разработки программного обеспечения и IT- решений на территории США‚ Центральной и Восточной Европы. Компания специализируется на разработке, внедрении и сопровождении ПО для автоматизации брокерской, биржевой и финансовой деятельности. Созданная в 2002 году‚ сегодня компания динамично развивается и насчитывает более 140 специалистов, которые работают в 3 странах мира (США, Россия, Белоруссия).

Since its inception in 2002, ETNA Software has been adopting offshore software development best practices. From the very beginning, our software development process was built upon the best Quality Control and Project Management techniques. The speed and the quality of software development as well as competitive pricing have become the company’s hallmarks. Thus ETNA Software has quickly grown to become a well-regarded player on the global scene.

Today ETNA Software is involved in various projects ranging from developing single applications to deploying enterprise-wide Internet/Intranet solutions based on service oriented architecture (SOA). During the years the company has been operating, we have managed to attract clients from all over the world, including the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and more. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia, ETNA Software has recently established an international presence by opening a sales office in Austin, Texas (US).

Our Team
We strongly believe that the most valuable asset of any organization is its human resources. We hire the best and create an environment that grants the freedom to learn, experiment and grow.

The expansion of our team is facilitated by the proximity of many of the country’s leading technical universities to our home city of St. Petersburg. 100% of our developers have MS or BS in computer science and a minimum working experience of 2 years.

As we move forward, we try extend a helping hand to bright minds and young talents, but we also provide a healthy environment for professional growth of our top specialists. As a result, we enjoy lower turnover rates and constant development within our team.


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02.12.10 QA Engineer
Россия, Санкт-Петербург
обсуждается на собеседовании
24.11.10 C# developer
Россия, Санкт-Петербург
обсуждается на собеседовании
24.11.10 Project manager
Россия, Санкт-Петербург
от 90000 рублей


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